Disney and dreamy

Show your teeth if you love Disney movies. Tearing my lips to showcase all my 32 blocks here. I am a huge Disney movie fetish who’d uglily jump whenever a new movie comes out. You know the heart feels so dreamy with all pleasant feels and wide smiles in EVERY movie Disney releases. And each […]

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Dangerous people

Let us have a quick insight about our opinions. Who do you think is actually a “dangerous” person? Go ahead and note the recent flashes that came up to your mind when you’re asked about a dangerous person. A villian? An angry aggressive man? A psychopath? An observant? A listener? The judge? There could be […]

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It happens

You know when we were in middle school, highschool or college, we make really good friends. Then suddenly bad things happen and you feel like you never knew stuffs coming and you’re not friends with them anymore. It sucks but it’s not meant to be maybe. That kind of a change happens to EVERY one […]

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Don’t shut-up

“The world can be a nasty place, you know it, I know it, yeah. You don’t have to fall from grace. Put down the weapons you fight with. Kill ’em with kindness, Loudness” – Self-edited song reference by Selena Gomez. The world we are living in is filled with intimidation of your growth. People doesn’t […]

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New things…

Sunsets and sunrises in different places Winds of the ocean rolling on my skin Walking around watching all new faces So much to know each of their stories Millions of mountains one beautiful sky To lay down on top and watch the city lights Staring at the stars with so many questions To wondering where […]

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How I started blogging.

Hi everyone, this blog post is very special to me and I’ve been having this in my ‘to write’ list since long. Unusually this is going to be lengthy but hopefully interesting. How I started my blog? I am a curious person who likes to learn and try different things and be a part of […]

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